vil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress is a powerful and determined enchantress that is past incarnation of Paige Matthews. This powerful enchantress lived many centuries ago and could control the elements. Defiant, clever and independent, she came into the craft late in life but learned to use it quickly. Using her dark magic, the enchantress cast a love spell on an unsuspecting prince in effort to trick the prince into marrying her so that she may rule his kingdom. The Enchantress sought to rule a kingdom, and planned to cast a love spell on him, forcing him to marry and impregnate her, after which time she could kill him and rule in his place. To pull this off she needed to wait for a sign that her powers were at their darkest, the shape of a prince in the stars. When the Enchantress saw this she locked up The Prince’s true love, Lady Julia, and cast her spell, making him love her. Though her plan was impressive the Enchantress had not counted on the intervention of The Charmed Ones, including her future self Paige Halliwell. The sisters bound her powers preventing the dark future she envisioned from coming to be, and forcing her to live out that life as a mortal.