Eames is an infamous warlock that is a powerful threat to witches and even whitelighters. Eames has collected the powers of cloning, transmogrification, energy/fire-projection, and blinking. In 1991, Eames murdered a witch in Glasgow, Scotland, and stole the cloning power. In 1989, Eames killed a witch in Nairobi, Kenya and stole the power of transmogrification. He also acquired the abilities of a darklighter and whitelighter. With these abilities Eames hoped to enter the Whitelighters celestial haven, accessible only by the power to orb, and slaughter all he encountered. The Charmed Ones, and Leo, broke the Whitelighter rules and vanquished him by ambush when he arrived. They first impaled him on a Darklighter arrow, the poison of which he was now vulnerable to because of the Whitelighter powers he absorbed, and then cast a spell that was recited by each of the Halliwell sisters, one line at a time.

Spell to Vanquish Eames:
Time for amends and a victim's revenge
Cloning power turn sour
Power to change turn to strange
I'm rejecting your deflection