Both powerful and dangerous, this demonic Soldier of Fortune has destroyed countless witches, innocents and demons. As sinister as he is intelligent, he is not to be trusted. Belthazar's known abilities include throwing energy balls and shimmering place to place, but his powers are probably not limited to these capabilities.

Belthazor has a human form and, unlike most demons, he has a soul, which makes him a more powerful enemy because he understands humans better than most demons.

Belthazar Vanquish:
Mix a potion of toadflax, cardamom, carrot seeds, mandrake root, pigs feet, crickets, cockleshells, and a piece of the demon's flesh. After the potion is finished, recite the chant.

Spirits of air, forests and sea;
Set us of this demon free;
Beasts of hoof and beasts of shell,
Drive this evil back to Hell!

Spell to Summon Belthazar:
Magic forces black and white,
Reaching out through space and light,
Be he far or be he near
Bring us the demon Belthazor here.