To Break the Bond of Love

Place a basket and a poppet on a table encircled by 9 candles anointed with oils and spices. The candles may vary in shape and size. (this is a ritual)

To Call forth an ancestor

Drips of Blood from a family member in a cauldron

To kill Nicholas The Warlock

Ingredients: Lavender. Memosa, Holy Thistle

To Destroy a Grimlock

Main Ingredient: Schisnadra Root (Potion will turn out liquidy and green)

To Lure an Evil Spirit

Potion: Mix an equal amount of Mercury and Acid with the blood of one of the spirit's victims

To Vanquish the Demon Masselin

Potion: Ingested Antacid

To Send Cupid Home

Ingredients: Desire, Lavender, oysters, rosemary, chocolate, basic Karis root compound

To Vanquish a Ghost

Boil a Mandrake root and herbs (pour over the ghost's bones)

To Dehumanise Animal Men

Ingredients: Salt of Life, A pouch filled with feathers and herbs

To separate a witch from her powers

Ingredients: Boil the blackest lead, gypsy blood, a mandrakes head, henbane, datura, nux (an oil), hemlock root

To Vanquish Belthazar

Ingredients: Boil cockleshells, pig’s foot, crickets, elm bark, and mandrake root

To strip Cole's Powers

Ingredients: Ginger root, billings root, archaic, water, a pinch of dandelion, a dash of chickweed (shack water vigorously for 200 heartbeats. Cool until the potion turns blood-red

To Call a Lost Witch

Ingredients: A pinch of Rosemary, A Sprig of cypress, a yarrow root. Grind with a pestle and add spill the blood of the caller

Potion Tip From Grams

When using a Mandrake root, cut of the tip to reveal the meat so it will work properly

To summon a Witch Doctor

Ingredients: Liverwort, a pinch of dragon root, and snakeskin

To vanquish the Necromancer

Ingredients: Dragon Root, Eel skin, and blood wort.

Thanks to semicharmedlife for potions